Oranfresh Fresh fruit juice vending machines since 1987

Vertical Squeezing System

The exclusive and highly innovative Oranfresh® automatic juicing system, internationally patented, separates the juice from the bitter peel oils and provides a high yield in juice, always guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Once the oranges are inserted into the juicer, they slide one by one into the squeezing area where they are cut in half. Each half is squeezed keeping the juice and the peel oils separate. The juice is channelled and poured into the cup, jug or bottle; the peels slide in an easy-to-remove container.

Thanks to this innovative system, unique in the world, the juice never gets in contact with the peel and is separated from bitter oils and pulp residues. For this reason, the taste of our juice is naturally sweet, without any addition of water or sugar. An authentic revolution in orange juice extraction.