Oranfresh Fresh fruit juice vending machines since 1987

Why Oranfresh

Vertical Squeezing System

The exclusive and highly innovative Oranfresh® automatic juicing system, internationally patented, separates the juice from the bitter peel oils and provides a high yield in juice, always guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Once the oranges are inserted into the juicer, they slide one by one into the squeezing area where they are cut in half. Each half is squeezed keeping the juice and the peel oils separate. The juice is channelled and poured into the cup, jug or bottle; the peels slide in an easy-to-remove container.

Thanks to this innovative system, unique in the world, the juice never gets in contact with the peel and is separated from bitter oils and pulp residues. For this reason, the taste of our juice is naturally sweet, without any addition of water or sugar. An authentic revolution in orange juice extraction.


Easy to use and to clean, Oranfresh® products are valuable allies for professionals.

Our machines are extremely simple to use: just press a button to have a freshly squeezed orange juice in a few seconds from the fruit to the glass. Furthermore, the maintenance and the cleaning process is quick and easy: the squeezing system is completely detachable with a single movement.

Patents and Certifications

Both the Oranfresh® squeezing process and our machines’ technology are covered by different international patents registered since 1995. Agroindustry Advanced Technologies S.p.A. has obtained the major international certifications, CE, NSF, UL, NAMA, IEC, CCC, TUV and CSA, which are a testimony to our high standards of hygiene and the fulfilment of requisites complying with international standards, thus ensuring the quality and safety of the machines, the process, and the final product on the world market.

The Best Quality/Price Ratio

Thanks to the technical skills of our Research & Development department, we offer the best price/quality ratio in the sector: the highest juice yield on the market compared to the competitors, maintaining the high aromatic quality that has been distinguishing Oranfresh® brand for years. 

Same number of oranges, more juice, more taste.

Made in Italy

The success of our citrus juicers and vending machines is the result of the Italian tradition of excellence that distinguishes the development, the stylish design, and the production of the whole range of Oranfresh® branded products. 

Designed, developed and built in our country, all Oranfresh® juicer machines have an elegant Italian style: polished finishes, high-tech design, and sophisticated and bright colors.

High-quality materials

Oranfresh® uses only high-quality materials to make its machines: from stainless steel to high-resistance and latest-generation composite plastic materials, which are immune to the acidic pH of orange juice.

Every single component of each product is designed, assembled and verified by our technical experts in the field of Research & Development and production plants. Technology and precision that guarantee the high- quality levels of our products.