Oranfresh Fresh fruit juice vending machines since 1987

Launching a healthy vending business

The vending machine industry has always had a certain attraction: it’s a business that does not require technical or professional skills, it is not time consuming and it is not capital intensive. The above being said, leads to the fact that it is not an automatic profitable choice. You need to identify the specific products to be sold, have a clear idea on the type of machine that needs to be purchased and the location on which they should be placed as well as the choice of the reliable partners and providers that wish to share their knowledge on the business and experience.

Why choose healthy vending

Automatic vending machines answer to a simple and frequent request: the possibility to purchase and consume food and beverage quickly, without subtracting any time to activities being carried out. This trend goes hand in hand with the desire to have a natural and healthy nutrition also away from home. Many people spend much of their time away from home, at work, at school or at university, as well as traveling: in all of such occasions, people are looking for a healthy alternative to fast food that is likewise fast. Such alternative is well represented by healthy vending: automatic vending machines offer healthy food and beverage. We have already talked about healthy revolution opportunities and how Oranfresh vending machines reply exactly to the new needs being expressed by consumers: nature, health and sustainability. Oranfresh vending machines offer freshly made juice instantly made with oranges or apples. A totally natural drink, with no added sugar, served in biodegradable plastic cups or bottles to take away.

Added value of Oranfresh vending machine

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is for sure an attractive product for today’s consumers, nowadays more careful on the quality of purchased nutrition. Whomever wants to invest in the vending business shall have to go beyond the attractiveness of the product per se and ask how the juice is produced, which are the levels of efficiency, durability and autonomy of distributors as well as which maintenance they shall require.

Patented squeezing system

Oranfresh vending machines are designed to satisfy such requirements at their best. The machines used the Vertical Squeezing System (VSS), a patented squeezing system that separates the peel of the orange from the juice. Hygiene is guaranteed in every phase, while the flavor and the nutritious properties of the fresh oranges remain intact.

Vending machines: efficient and autonomous

Another added value of the Oranfresh vending machines is their autonomy. All parts work in synchronized mode: fruit deposit, cup dispenser and disposable tank are all coordinated in order to minimize single and /or manual actions by the operator. At the same time, the telemetry system allows to monitor the parameters of the machine and to have everything under control, in order to program a single intervention when necessary.

Custom made vending machines

Oranfresh vending machines may be provided in white label. This means that such machines may be produced and customed with the colors and company brands and may be placed in any type of context: supermarkets, gyms, schools, airports, corporate restoration points. This way, if you wish to purchase a vending machines and place it in different places, your company will be always recognizable.

Oranfresh service and warranties

Starting a new business is a decision that needs to be well thought. Oranfresh and its consultants make available the know-how of a company that has been operating in the business for more than thirty years. You will be guided in choosing the type and number of machines to purchase, you will be supported in the research and study phase of where you should place the distributors and you will be trained for their use.

Oranfresh distributors are the only fully certified distributors on the market and are designed to guarantee the highest levels of hygiene. Quality and safety of the machines, their process and the final product meet the standards of worldwide markets.