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5 reasons why you should have a vending machine in your workplace

The office is not just the place where we work. It is the place where we spend most of our day, where we socialize and where we make countless choices, even when it comes to nutrition. Everytime we have lunch or take a break we are attempting to balance our habits with the rhythms dictated by work. Every day we ask ourselves questions such as “What do I have for lunch?”, “Is there anything that fits into my eating habits?”, “What can I drink during the break, other than another coffee?” In this sense, introducing vending machines that offer healthy and natural food and drinks can be a convenient solution for both people who work in the office and for the company, for at least five reasons.

1. A sustainable choice for all

Vending machines are economically sustainable both for the company and the employees. For the company, this is a limited investment that is offset by purchases made through the distributor itself. For employees, it means being able to buy a product at a price that is certainly lower than what they would pay elsewhere.

Sustainability is not just economic. Some vending machines are also sustainable for the environment: these are those distributors who offer unpackaged products, obtained directly from fresh and natural raw materials and which use biodegradable materials instead of plastic.

2. A healthy and quick alternative

Most people who work in the office, especially those who work all day, eat at least one meal within the company. It can be breakfast or lunch, it will certainly be at least a break during the day. This is why it is important to have at least one vending machine with healthy products in the workplace. For example, the presence of a machine that dispenses fresh fruit juices means the possibility of a healthy and energizing break, without leaving the workplace to go elsewhere.

3. Promote a healthy culture

Combining a natural drinks dispenser with the vending machines usually present in the office (those for coffee and high-calorie snacks) means caring for the well-being of your employees, because it offers them the opportunity to choose a healthy product. Also, the image of the company, which promotes a culture of well-being, is improved.

4. Low maintenance costs

Many vending machines are designed to work with maximum autonomy. The most advanced telemetry systems allow you to monitor all the parameters of the distributor: sales, supply levels, residual autonomy, technical diagnostics, in order to coordinate and minimize operator interventions. The company will save time and management costs, proportionally to the vending machine technology.

5. It seems it has always been there

It will not be difficult to place a vending machine in the office. In addition to taking up little space, some vending machines offer the possibility of fully customizing the external graphics to perfectly fit any workplace.

Why Oranfresh

Oranfresh vending machines offer fresh juice prepared from whole oranges or apples, ready in 30 seconds. The patented squeezing technology is based on a gentle squeezing method that keeps the flavor and properties of fresh fruit intact. The final product is a healthy and naturally good juice that doesn’t need to be sweetened. The telemetry system and automatic cleaning ensure that the machines are highly autonomous and minimize running costs. Furthermore, they can be supplied in white label and be fully customized. Finding them in the break area will be a choice appreciated by the whole office.