Oranfresh Fresh fruit juice vending machines since 1987

A new restart: let’s invest in the future!

This pandemic forced all of us to stop, rethink our daily life and rhythms, our commercial activities, our projects.
However, it made us understand how important our health is and that of our beloved ones.

Oranfresh has always been committed to promote a heathy lifestyle through our automatic fresh fruit juices vending machines.

In these lockdown times, we have reduced our production, waiting for the situation to improve in our country and in the rest of the world, but we didn’t stop with the R&D activity together with our engineers, biologists and nutritionists, creating solutions in alignment with new needs arisen, with particular attention to disinfection and sanitization of our machines.

In particular, we implemented an ozone generator in the machines with controlled emission intervals, to sanitize inside the machine, including oranges or apples. We are also completing a test with a special UV bactericidal lamp to enhance the sanitization.

Furthermore, the innovative cashless systems allow payments by bringing near the smartphone to the machine, avoiding any physical contact that will be reduced to just the pick-up of the product.

Overcome this dramatic crisis phase, we need to think about a new restart and today, more than ever, the healthy sector is growing rapidly, representing a valid investment for the future.

Contact us now to receive info on how to start your business activity in the healthy sector, discover the latest promotions and ask for a financing plan based on your needs.