Oranfresh: often imitated but never reached.

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Why Oranfresh

Why Oranfresh

Discover all the reasons for choosing the Oranfresh squeezing method

The new OR apple juice

OR 130 Multi Juice: choose your mix!

The only vending machine in the world that serves instant-made apple juice

Optimize your business, giving your customers an alternative or incombination with our well-known..

Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

We do not just sell machines, we create also real business opportunities

Squeezing System

Discover all its benefits

A patented squeezing process unique in the world

Squeezing System

Company history

45 years of experience, research and passion

How Oranfresh has become a leader in its field.



Oranfresh’s great success during the Venditalia

Oranfresh successfully launched its new vending machine models in occasion of the Venditalia 2015 Special Edition – the International Vending Exhibition, point of reference for vending operators – that was held from the 3rd to 6th May , in the pavillon 18 in Rho Fiera Milano.

Natural antihistamines

Allergies affect a significant amount of people every year. A possible solution is represented by natural antihistamines: alternatives given by nature, that can reduce allergic symptoms thanks to their health-related properties, succeeding in preventing the release of histamines by the body.

Six teaspoons of sugar in each can: red traffic light for some drinks

The amount of sugar in the non-alcoholic drinks may vary significantly, from drink to drink, without a perceptible change in taste. Action on Sugar is a British group of doctors and dieticians specialized in the uses and effects of sugar. Specifically, the group is advocating for a reduction in the amount of sugar in the production of processed food.

Stress and overweight: chili pepper as remedy

Chili pepper is shown to be a natural remedy for excess weight. According to Purdue University in Indianapolis, this is due to capsaicin, one of the alkaloids which is responsible for the spicy taste of chili peppers.

Oranfresh is on CTV, the Canadian national television broadcasting station

Oranfresh vending machines for freshly squeezed orange juice, installed in some Canadian schools and universities, are being greatly appreciated as reported by the service which has been shot in the Langara College of Vancouver and broadcasted by the first private national television in Canada.

Oranfresh at Venditalia 2015, the International Vending Exhibition

The company will attend Venditalia, the international exhibition point of reference in the Vending sector, where its brand new machines will be introduced. Oranfresh will meet the visitors from the 3rd to the 6th May 2015, in the hall 18 stand A22 Rho Fiera Milano.

Oranfresh at Expo Milano 2015

Agroindustry Advanced Technologies S.p.A. – with its exclusive Oranfresh machines – will be present at Expo Milano 2015, within the Bio-Mediterranean Cluster and the refreshment points of the universal exhibition.